Exosomes are the latest breakthrough in anti-aging, skin rejuvenation and hair restoration. This revolutionary treatment is naturally produced from stem cells (however they do not have any genetic material like other stem cell therapies) and are tiny extra extracellular vesicles that are a critical factor in the field of regenerative aesthetics due to their roles in tissue regeneration, skin renewal and hair restoration by accelerating the skin's healing process. Our face treatment contains 5 billion exosomes, and our scalp rejuvenation treatment contains 10 billion exosomes!

How does exosome therapy compare to platelet-rich plasma therapy?
In comparison with PRP, no blood is needed to be drawn, nor is any equipment required for an exosome treatment. Although both exosomes and PRP use growth factors to encourage hair growth, they are targeted at different components of the body. PRP stimulates tissue repair and regeneration, whereas exosomes target stem cells that are already existent in the scalp. Compared to PRP, exosomes contain a higher concentration of growth factors compared to PRP which ensures even better results in a shorter amount of time. Whilst both exosomes and PRP have provided benefits in clinical studies, in recent tests exosomes have surpassed PRP due to the plasma used in PRP, as this is limited by the health and age of the patient and therefor the quality of the plasma. 

Skin Rejuvenation Exosomes:
Increase collagen and elastin
Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
Increase skin elasticity
Reduce pores
Reduce pigmentation
Improve skin evenness, quality and texture 
Reduce scarring
Reduce blemishes

Scalp Rejuvenation Exosomes:
Restore and strengthen hair follicles
Stimulate hair growth
Improve scalp health
Increase hair density and thickness

Treatment time: 30 minutes
Treatments needed: 4 treatments, all treatments include Dermapen skin needling
Downtime: minimal - may experience some redness for 24 hours
Treatment price: introductory offer of $450 (face) and $500 (hair) valid until 30 April 2024.

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