What Is The Russian Lip Filler Technique?

What Is The Russian Lip Filler Technique?

So, what are "Russian Lips"?
The "Russian Lips" Technique is a specific technique that shapes your lips into a subtle heart-like shape - this adds more volume near the centre of the lips, similar to a Russian doll. This technique typically lifts the lip rather than excessively adding volume, therefore it is ideal for lip filler first timers or those whom are seeking a natural look. The "Russian Lips" Technique is more ‘flat' in appearance because rather than plumpness and volume, the goal of this technique is the height. However, in saying that, both outcomes can be achieved if that is what you desire.

How is the "Russian" Lip Filler Technique different to other lip filler techniques?
The "Russian Lip" Technique differs to traditional lip filler techniques as the injector places the product vertically at the body of the lip and injects upwards towards the border of the lip, rather than starting from the lip border and injecting inwards towards the body of the lip.

What is the cost of the Russian Lip Filler Technique?
The cost of Russian Lips is the same as traditional lip fillers as the same products are used, just a different technique is implemented to achieve a different outcome.

How long will the Russian Lip Filler Technique take?
The Russian Lip Technique takes approximately 30 - 45 minutes, including a consultation.

How long will it last?
At SKYE Cosmetic Clinic we use only premium quality dermal fillers. These dermal fillers can last anywhere from 6 months up to 2 years. Due to Australian Regulations, we are unable to mention any brand names of injectable products that we use, however, we only use the highest quality prescription-only medicine that is available in Australia. If you have any further questions you are more than welcome to message us or book a complimentary consultation with Nurse Kaitlyn to discuss. 

Are you ready to try the Russian Lip Filler Technique?
If so, you can book a consultation today with our AHPRA Registered Medical Professionals to learn if the Russian Lip Technique is right for you.
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